Demand things of life

In the beginning & throughout our lives there are guidelines being set by those around us for living the perfect life. But who the hell really knows how to live perfectly,and why do so many people assume that they are just such people?

To me there is no “perfect”,only “their” way and “yours”. “Their” way consists of half assed morsels of wisdom earned in hindsight,or on the fly what have yous. “Your” way is what feels good in the moment. This is the way I like to live. Maybe I want to plan for a trip some time down the road,So I save. Maybe I want a house,so I go through the proper channels to get a better idea of what Will be needed. Maybe I don’t want to do anything except play some music. The general idea here is that you follow your own compass,not someone else’s.

Every day people live through each other,and in small doses this isn’t necessarily bad,but it never stays that way. Too often I feel like I’m living another person’s day,month or year just to keep them quiet. Slowly,but surely I am making it up as I go along,and to me that is the “perfect” way to live.
So demand that life be yours,not someone else’s.

Until next time! Maybe I’ll do better.


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