Go west young man

Go west young man,and grow up with the country

This quote,in different variations,has made itself at home throughout many parts of my life,and still I don’t listen.
To me it’s simply saying Go and do things. Anything at all,just don’t sit idle.

Ever since then I have failed to do so. I’m still a part of the grind of life,scurrying around just to pay the bills and maybe have enough money left over to buy things to take my mind off the tedium. But is it so difficult to really do? To actually live?
Simply put,no it isn’t. But one would have to adopt a new philosophy on what’s okay,and what isn’t.
To live without consistency is a terrifying prospect,but surviving due to consistency is simply depressing.

Some would say it’s exactly what life is about,others would say it’s only a part of life,and a few more still would argue that survival is for the ones whom cannot work the system to their advantage. I myself have never been much of a hustler,but on the same note I don’t believe life to be so simple. My goal is to make surviving as minimal as possible,the real meat of life has nothing to do with the notion! Little things like helping people in big or small ways, taking the time to listen to someone who wouldn’t expect you to, maybe talking to that random good looking stranger; thats what lifes about. The little things.

If we all focused less on our own endeavors, our own vanities,then maybe we’d be happier for it. Just say hi,lend a hand,have that conversation! Life at our level is capable of changing the world in the grandest of ways,and yet we waste our time living pay-check to pay-check,day-to-day,missing the countless chances the universe affords us. If only we could see the effects our interventions have across the plains of time…
But that’s the gamble right? We never know just what effect we actually have,and so we focus on ourselves as though we are the center of the cosmos,never seizing the true power we hold.

I am no poster child for the things I claim to think are right and true,but at twenty four I believe helping people is the noblest of causes,and in the grand plot of everything,the most valuable way to spend our time.

Survival is for the birds,says the man.


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