Nice things and novelties

Books, movies, games, hiking, writing, tinkering, and the list goes on and on! I enjoy a lot of things, and I do them often enough that I’m allowed to call them hobbies. But hobbies don’t fill all of my leisure time.

More often than not, one thing that gets my endorphins pumping without fail is a great conversation. There isn’t much that can compare to it in my opinion. One sign of a great conversation for me is this weird tickle at the base of my skull. It starts out unnoticeable, but as the conversation grows it becomes almost intoxicating. It’s the strangest thing. It’s almost like a chemical notice your body sends out so to say keep talking to this person! Another is the fluidity of the back and forth between me and whomever I’m speaking with. If the words roll easily, then I can’t help but smile and want more. So I love to talk, and I’m constantly wanting to. About anything too, if you indulge me.

I’m a big fan of wandering as well. With no particular purpose in mind, I’ll sometimes just walk around a bookstore, or up and down the road. To me it’s just an exercise for my body, while my mind can simply turn some thoughts inside out. Music helps this a great deal, in fact it’s almost necessary.

Midnight drives aren’t uncommon either, but they are essentially the same exercise.

Sometimes I’ll take myself out to a movie, and occasionally I’ll have the entire theater to myself. I’m told that this is a weird thing to do, but honestly it’s kind of awesome. Who says you need to go see a movie with someone?
Asshats, that’s who.

But that’s all for now, I’m certain I’ll think of something taboo to write about that will really get your red blood cells excited.


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