The vile creature known as boredom

You’re alive,you aren’t allowed to be bored.

Louis C.K’s summary of boredom. While I can respect the wisdom in his opinion,it’s another matter altogether taking it to heart. I get bored a lot. On the same note though,I have a lot of interests! Just to name a few: I’m an amateur guitarist. I read often. I write. I hike. I play games,watch movies and even attempt to write my own stories. But I inevitably end up bored.


The only things I do not seem to rapidly lose interest in are books,games and movies. Everything else seems to be on a time limit,but the why eludes me. Surely I spend time with friends,but even that drains my reserves!

Is it a lack of focus? Motivation? Character?! People nearest to me might say it’s laziness,or maybe I just haven’t built up the resolve to see things through. These are also the same people who can’t be bothered to finish a novel. I don’t trust their opinions,but I listen anyways.

The vaguest of answers that I can come to is that I haven’t found much to be interesting. Simple.

Books and games offer entire world’s to escape to,ones where the rules of reality are entirely different,so these are a given. In real life however,things are more often mundane.

Maybe I’m living incorrectly,or rather I’m incorrectly placed! I mean I do live in a small-ish town of nothing.

I welcome any opinions on this matter.


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