Getting to know yourself

To begin, I’d like to start with a cliché. Or rather a quote.

People often say that this or that person has not yet found himself. But the self is not something one finds, it is something one creates. -Thomas Szasz

At first glance the meaning is pretty straight forward, however, there are always extra bits of knowledge to mine from a few words. And if I might add, from the man who spoke them. Doctor Thomas Szasz may not-in the grand scheme of things- have been correct about everything, but he spoke honestly, and was, (in my own opinion) on point with a lot of his arguments. However I’ll leave him for another discussion.

Creating ones self.

That’s the specific bit. In the beginning we are all dealt a hand, one that we have limited, but fully capable power of manipulating throughout life. Some of us are naturally attractive to a lot of people, some not so much. Some tall, some average, and some short. Big, small, lean, wiry, or some combination in between. Green eyes, jet black hair, freckles and dimples, or a great big square jaw! Socially speaking,some are only alive when they have the attention of anyone or everyone in the room. Others feel like dying in the same situation,and some glide effortlessly between social interactions and introverted solitude. Girl,boy,man or woman young & old alike, we all have a particular set of genes that will travel a certain road, only a certain distance, and then the changes mostly give in to allow time to take the wheel instead.
Even mentally do we have particular traits that are beyond our power, but fully our own. However, the self, is always ours. We can choose to learn, ignore, fight or love. If we want, we can wallow in self pity, or through sheer force of will; stay positive. Confidence is within our grasp, but shyness can be a strength just as well. Educating ourselves is as easy as picking up a book, or surfing the web, maybe just chatting to a teacher.

Most of this is just a rambling of some random twenty four year old guy who is just as clueless as the next,but I’ve learned a few things. We aren’t consistently ourselves because sometimes we let outside forces set the parameters. While we grow, others dip their hands into the mix and rearrange things to suit them. Most of the time without knowing it. However, the master control is always ours. We create who we want to be, and most of the time the changes are so minute we don’t even notice until it’s shining in every aspect of our lives.

So who do you want to be?
Think of a small list of things that you believe might take you there, and begin checking them off. Don’t try to think of everything, just a few will be fine.

Small steps lead to distant places.


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