A thought on writing

Writing, in my personal opinion, is a mixed bag.  My perfectionist side sees it as torture.  My creative side sees it as good fun.  My ego loves…and sometimes hates any attention it gets from it. My intellectual side enjoys the workout. And my emotions can roam freely, in any direction I choose.

To me writing is one part control, and one part freedom. You can shape reality as you see fit, calling up mountains or entire universes if you spare the time. Love or hate are yours to weave into the sweetest, or most bitter end. War, peace, rebellion, boredom, the list goes on and on!

But, it’s also about restraint.  To temper your urges until the moment of maximum effect.  Too many details or too little don’t really matter.  It’s all in the timing.  Which is pretty much true for everything really. Timing is the most fickle tool in a story, because no matter how many details or intrigues you’ve laid down, ill- timing can ruin everything. Teasing the reader never hurts either.

My favorite thing about writing is how it can focus an otherwise unfocused person, like me. My thoughts are filled daily with constant “chatter”; a million storylines a day that cease for nothing less than absolute concentration.  Writing nullifies it beautifully.  Not that I’m a great writer, I simply never get writers block until I start writing, and it’s fantastic. I never run out of things to write about, but it’s focused so narrowly during a creative session that I’m completely able to imagine the scene unfold. During my day to day, it’s more like trying to decipher one person’s words in a crowd.  A music festivals crowd. It’s truly madness I think.

If I write for any reason, it’s for the peace it offers me and nothing more.  As a person who reads quite a lot, it is immensely enjoyable to sculpt my own stories; But that peace of mind is utterly invaluable.


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