Favored heroic archetypes.

I love a good tale with many heroes crossing paths with each other, some destined to save the realm, and others to simply save people.  Many of them in fact aren’t overly powerful, but skilled nonetheless.
I’ll admit I am overly biased towards the realm of fantasy novels because not only is magical assistance possible, but the adversaries presented more or less scale with the added benefit.  Hell spawns, warlike creatures and otherworldly denizens are no small obstacles, and more often they require heavy fire power to turn away. But I’m getting off topic.

Generally a story has a few peak hero’s whom the world’s Destiny relies.  Every generation bores them, and some even live for countless centuries continuing their heroics. They have mythical weapons, armor and trinkets.  Scores of spells, and the goodwill of chosen deities guiding and lending support.  But, it’s the swing- heroes that deserve most of the credit.
Note the random Ranger as she defends her land from marauding bands of foul creatures with nothing more than a skillfully crafted bow, arrows ,colorful curses and taunts. She is not immortal.  She is not blessed with superhuman abilities afforded by God’s or charms.  Just pure skill, a bit of luck and equally proficient resolve.
Like her, take a glance at the Mercenary Soldier.  He does nothing for free, yet he always finishes the job.  Wading waste deep into trouble for a fee, never knowing what to fully expect, yet brandishing his two swords in shear defiance of a gruesome death surely to find those of lesser skill were he not around.  He only accepts the coin of goodly folk no matter the difficulty of the assignment, but he is a a former knight, a past he never forgets.  Of course, everyone has to eat.
Never forget the hustling Adventurer with his need for exploration, quick wit and quicker hands.  More bard than warrior, yet he brings cheer wherever he goes, and much needed information to those who hold the protection of others close to their hearts.  Sometimes, all a person needs is a smile, laugh or someone to make them blush.  It’s a different sort of magic, but just as potent, employed at the right time.

Honor makes a hero, not fantastical powers, or terrifying ability.  The course to do good no matter the cost is paramount, and for those that take the challenge, a few will walk out of the storm more able.   The others will be remembered fondly, their rewards known only to them and whatever awaits them in death.  That is their gift.  Peace, and maybe something grander than the cleverest of tale spinners can imagine. Secretly, they are revered forever.



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