Weigh the balance

To many, it’s simply a commodity, or a nuisance.  For others—Well… it leads an exciting life. Albeit marred with troubles and innovation at every step, many times complicated by those that would control, or free, it’s availability to the world at large.

This is where I inform you that it’s cannabis I’ve been describing. Yeah…It’s one of those.  But don’t fret, scoff, guffaw or blast steam through those ears just yet! It’s really a very simple pitch for a wonderful plant that is severely misunderstood, and because of that, slapped with penalties of use that are radically more severe than necessary.  Not to mention, the time stalled for people it could help, the insanely safe, cheap, and dependable products it could provide, and above all, jobs that are capable of helping humanity as a whole. So many good things!


Renewable fuel
Brush ups on the idea at hand. You’ll find if you try, limitless potential for the fuel industry. And its clean to boot! You’ll be able to grow your fuel, how does that sound? If not then rest easy knowing it would still be considerably cheaper still than current petroleum rates.
Is that not worth exploring? A new, easy on the environment, renewable way to power our future on the right foot. Who knows where it could lead?

It’s applications are seemingly without limit. For one, the seeds are an excellent source of nutrients that your body will devour, and can be prepared many different ways for your devouring! (They are simply food stuff. Non activate.)
A few things on the health benefits of hemp seeds
All from a simple seed. Natural. Powerful. Healthy.

This entire article represents a shadow of my real opinion. Personally, I would treat hemp as just another cash crop like any other. The very idea of it being illegal infuriates me. It’s such a harmless plant, but one that has used beyond count. Why we aren’t using it to it’s full potential is beyond me, though I could speculate like any other person as to why.

Here are a few links to some interesting reads that may change your mind if you aren’t already on board.
The Tennessean

The Tennessee chapter of norml and links to their sister sites/groups.
Essentially a group that wants marijuana, and it’s by products to be available to anyone who would work with it without fear of legal consequences. The potential for work pool growth is immense! And in a recreational sense, it’s much less harmful short- long term than alcohol is. And let’s be honest, people enjoy more than a drink now and then. But alcohol can’t clothe you or cure cancer…. That we know of yet!

A very enlightening take on the historical industry and facts of hemp.

Thanks for your consideration!
-Jordon T. Parks


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