All Hail the Beard

I do love my beard


Miles Better in beard Miles Better in beard

Beard lovers at Somerset House Beard lovers at Somerset House

Quick, you only have six short days left to catch “Beard”, the fabulous follicle-loving photography exhibition currently on in the Terrace Rooms at Somerset house. It’s a free ride through our (well for many of us…) obsession with well-crafted and expertly-grown male facial hair. Beards used to be considered “retro” or “old fashioned” but now they are truly stylish when carried and groomed well. I have always been a beard lover and others like me will practically swoon at the fantastic array of photographs taken and presented by enigmatic photographer, Mr Elbank.

In conjunction with a charitable project (Project 60/Beard Season) raising awareness of skin cancer, Mr Elbank began photographing people with beards and posting the results to Instagram. The idea captured people’s  imagination and over 1,200 people applied to be part of the showcase. I personally love…

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