A look into Raan

The brothers Oddrum & Gelric.

The Eldest Gelric is a man of nimble stature well known for his ability with a blade,but legendary for his skill with the bow. He is also a highly accomplished alchemist often called on for remedies and potions of various effects. In his time abroad he deeply enjoys cartography. To him, filling in the blank spaces of a map is an immensely enjoyable past time. Most people will never see these places first hand, and to him this is a small way to share his experiences with them. Not everyone is fond of the adventuring life once they get a taste of it.
The brother oddrum is a hulk of a man towering over his elder brother,but fiercely protective and loyal-absolute only to him.  At first one might assume him to be a calm yet violent brute;this would be wildly incorrect and tends to incite his anger only giving fuel to the accusers.  Orphaned in their youth,  Gelric,being fourteen and odd being but six,took it upon himself to teach odd everything he could learn himself.  Thus odd is also an accomplished alchemist,scribe, cartographer,and cook.  To say nothing of his ability as a fisherman,his true love is the breeding and training of animals.  Gelric has been heard on more than one occasion boast that his brother could tame a wivvern if only given the chance. It is something they joke about, but sometimes you can see a glint in Oddrums eye when it’s mentioned.
Affiliations: The wandering companions. Odds kennel.
Fisherman’s guild. The Felhind militia. And most notably,  a small school for would be warriors and rangers of no small renown. Under the brothers tutelage,  any child, be they boy or girl,  has gone on to be first rate fighters and rangers finding their place in all corners of the map.  Teaching is somewhat of a talent for the both of them, and they enjoy greatly enjoy the honor.

Some of their notable exploits beyond the confines of small town life is the slaying of ”


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