Something frightful goes here

“I remember the trembling hands gripping mine tight as a vice, the sounds of flames licking the rubble that once was our home. My mother, a hard woman at birth, made harder by life, shattered completely in one night. I remember being too shocked to react, my blank expression as i surveyed our wasteland of a neighborhood, only stifled when fresh smoke played into my eyes.
It was a family gathering, the kind only held once in a blue moon due to the difficulty in gathering so many for one occasion. Including my parents, and my younger sisters our number was a humble few dozen. It’s just us now, my mother and I, her locked in denial and heartbreak, I too young to grasp the new era humanity now faced.
Once it was us who looked to meet the stars, but… it’s the stars that came to meet us. They brought a plague. A disease. Demons. Disaster with claw and fang and  dark intelligence even the most creative mind could not conceive. Then I thought God was punishing us. Later I thought it was alien life come for war. But now–Now I know it was neither. This evil came from the darkest bowels of a forgotten corner of space, a place every civilization in every crevice of the universe has stories for. We’d call it hell, but that is just a fairy tale in comparison. This…thing, only exists to recycle life. Yet if only it stopped there. It exists to prolong the universe, but over time it went beyond it’s parameters- It began to enjoy the sufferings.


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