Born too soon


As a young boy I had an almost magical outlook on outer space, and in a way, it was very literally another dimension to me. Mix in my love of adventure novels, and a growing taste in fantasy, it warped into something I now know could never be possible. But when I dreamed, I woke with a fresh, stubborn vigor in my goal.
I wanted to travel to distant worlds, meet the people that called it home, and play the games their kids played. To simply fly in a rocket ship and let my gaze linger on the beautiful sights the universe had to offer to any passerby. For long periods of time I would imagine myself flying through space simply for the hell of it! Yes, to explore the universe is my all time fantasy. The crème de la crème!

Now that I’m an adult (Mostly), I still have the same dreams, though I have resigned myself to accepting that it will never happen in my lifetime. I was born too early!
Nowadays I still dream of flying through space simply to pass the time, but it’s expanded to so much more. The thought of colonizing a new world, or building space stations around the cosmos sends me into a day-dream fit that I am unwilling to shake off for hours! Dreams of terraforming dead worlds,discovering every inch of one galaxy after another, surfing the clouds on super giant gas planets to refuel my tanks, or meeting with alien civilizations for drinks! MAN! I was born too soon, but maybe my children’s children will carry my love for the stars into eternity. Maybe they will get to experience first hand the joy I held only in my mind, in the books that I read, the games that I play, and the movies that I watch.

Futures Past


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