The real issue humanity faces

Instead of raising hell about one issue or another in an attempt to fix a problem over night, raise your kids to show total respect to everyone and themselves. A generation or two later those same issues will be nonexistent because those children will have grown up with the feelings and thoughts of others actually meaning something.

Otherwise keep yelling at walls while only gaining superficial progress. Everyone forgets that no one starts off hating each other, or abusing each other, or wanting to cause any kind of harm. Those sins are slowly built over time, and the only way to combat them is to be a good example so that the kids will be an even better example for their kids. So on and so forth.

Everyone is the problem. You may not steal – You may not murder – You may be peaceful – You may not abuse people – But maybe you commit much smaller acts of cruelty that go beyond even your notice because the effects aren’t immediately apparent. Making fun of someone when fifty other people may have made a similar remark could go a long way to warping a persons point of view.
And then you blame the original victim because really considering your own hand in the problem is simply too complex an idea. We all effect each other, sometimes in large ways even if we only made a single comment.

.You won’t change shit by barking at politicians, or picketing hate groups. People die. That’s how humanity cleanses itself of the bad. And, by the same logic, forgets it’s better nature for the lack of teachers. We train others how to treat us over time, and if we don’t respect ourselves first, then the lack of respect multiplies like a virus leading us to disrespect those around us, and then the world explodes in to small acts of chaos.

Kindness, respect, love – These are muscles that need to be worked constantly, every day, by everyone. Humanity as a whole is one gigantic organism that could accomplish feats that are beyond imagining. But, depending on how the children are raised – Those feats could be evil, or good.

I’m not a father, nor do I know the struggles of parenthood, But I know one thing. It’s the most important career that anyone could find themselves in. You hold in your hands a mighty force of nature that could change the world, for better or worse, in large or small ways. Respect that.


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