It’s been a while.

Over a month has passed and I have completely neglected my blog in favor of…nothing really, I’ve just been lazy. I suppose I haven’t felt the creative spark in a while – work probably has a lot to do with that. Most of my mental resources are directed at getting through the day at that place. It’s not a bad job mind you, I mean, it’s great money, decent hours, not too horrible of people – Just horrifically boring sometimes, and in many ways not a fulfilling place to work.
I shouldn’t complain though, it pays the bills and keeps me fed, nuff said. I even bought me a shiny new xbox one – The forza edition! Nice & blue accompanied by racing sounds when you turn it on and off!

But…I’ve also turned into a mess emotionally, and neglected the people around me. So many good things have happened this year, and then again, some pretty bad ones too.

Don’t let that stuff turn you into an asshole because you have to go home with yourself, and it sucks.Just wanted to say that.


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