Is it wasted time, if you enjoy some of it?

Hey there, I’m back! Sort of. I haven’t written much in the past year, or at all really. having hurled myself back into the gaming life I basically missed 2016 altogether. Shame on me. Between accepting my adult fate of maintaing a solid work life and attempting to live a healthy lifestyle, I still could not get rid of the old childhood addiction. And why should I? Well…

2016 started with a fairly successful MMO called ESO (Elder scrolls online). Great pass at the genre by a well known developer, and for months it absorbed me. That is until “Ark: Survival: came alone, and from then until the very beginning of 2017 was a in a deep pit of antisocial behavior.
I broke my days into three parts – Sleep,gaming & work. There were many days where I would sacrifice sleep for more game time. And since I could not lessen my work load, sleep sometimes took a dramatic hit.
What caused this? Probably my lack of interest in a social life. Seems so miniscule compared to the immediate satisfaction of the gaming environment, but this is not true. It is an addiction for sure, though it is one I am hesitant to call detrimental. Not by a long shot! Just…sort of. Yeah. Sort of….

During my time in “Ark” I met a bunch of cool folks from many parts of the states and in various parts of the world! Is this not a social life? Enjoying a mutual passion with other people, holding conversations that one would still have in person? Cracking jokes, weathering insults, having arguments?! Yes. And also no… Proximity becomes more important than ever! Hangin out with friends in person is a whole different beast, and after a while you lose touch, as you see, online you become comfortable in your vocal skin. In person, you become personal in your actual skin. The latter is the one that suffers, as well as your personal upkeep… 2016 was my year of the unkempt face!

I started 2017 the same way I started the previous year, by playing games. I won’t stop, but managing my time will have to incorporate a fourth dimension if I can reasonably allow it in my life. I’ll have to actually go out…and talk to people again. *hisss*

Anywho, this is my first post in a hopefully long list of them for the new year!


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