Introducing myself!

My name is Jordon, but most of my friends call me Tyler. In fact, they get semi-agitated when someone else calls me Jordon. Even though it’s my first name, it’s not how they know me. Anyways…I kind of like Jordon better nowadays.

I’m from middle Tennessee. My family moved a lot throughout my childhood & I believe that unfortunate lifestyle has bled into my personality. If I sit still for too long, I get anxious, and not in a good way. If I’m not working, I have to at least have a book or a game nearby, otherwise I’ll begin to fall into self inhibiting behavior. nothing bad mind you, but I will spend a lot of time stewing in boredom if I don’t have anything to do.

So I work, hike, work, write, read, play games, and occasionally catch the random flick at the theater. Solo-dolo. I made this blog towards the end of 2014 to simply have an outlet for a lot of my “overthinking”. A place to dump my anxiety, so to speak. Why not? Maybe it could turn into something. This is a sort of “piece of wood” that I can whittle down, tiny bit after tiny bit, until I have something nice to show for my work. To be honest, it feels nice to just write a random article no matter how silly it is.

So I continue to look for different ways of escape. While I’m a quick study at most things I try, I really don’t know how to translate that into reality. How does one travel the world when most of his resources are devoted to keeping an apartment, or paying for car insurance? The very idea of it is exciting, yet, very probably out of reach. For now.

My goal for this blog? Nothing. I just want to write about whatever come to mind.


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