Be wary, Lone Traveler

Be wary Lone Traveler
For some that you meet on your journey,
Will not think of you above himself,
And if it moves his own ambition forward,
Take, he will, the things you hold dear,

Be wary Lone Traveler,
Yet do not hold yourself too tightly,
Uncertainty is the only color life has,
Do not relent in your quest,
The journey is worth the tasks;

Be brave Lone Traveler,
Hardship will define your strength,
Setbacks will define your resolve,
Heartbreak will define the love you find

Dream on Lone Traveler,
Life is what you create,
And at the end of your quest
You will find that you were never truly alone

Imagination: Gamer

One of my favorite topics to talk about is one that either incites disinterest, or fanatic levels of debate: Games. Why, some might ask. Why not? It’s just one hobby among the countless I either have already, or have yet to experience. More specifically is that it’s not simply a “hobby”, or a mindless pastime. […]

Gravity and Family

There are a number of things that I could imagine someone taking from the title of this here post, but I’ll be nearly up front about it all. My actual family, the ones tethered by blood, are a loose pack of islands, all within reach, but preferring to be visible rather than present. Simply put, […]