Is it just me?

Why is it so difficult to get more weight behind taking care of the world? I mean of course, concerning it’s health and well-being of all of the natives calling it home. Even though a vast majority of those natives aren’t human, they still know it as home. Yet we are the ones destroying it, albeit in a warped natural way. I mean progression in technology is entirely natural at some point of development, the species walking that road matters little.
So with that logic, our careless destruction is as natural as a hurricane, or a forest caught fire by a strike of entirely natural electricity. But, ill admit a fault in that our “capabilities” rarely end with something the planet can readily take advantage of. Our industries create pollutants that poison life of every form, but nourish only a few. We destroy habitats, kill insects because they peeve us, and pretty much treat the land like it’s ours by right to do with as we please. Yet we are as natural as the wind.

Is it greed? Power? Causes entirely beyond our control because “men with the power” are making all the rules? What are the rules anyways? Who says you need to litter, to cover your body in oils and sprays? Do you really need all those leather shoes? That fur coat?
The problem, in my opinion, should be strewn at every doorstep, and yelled into every sentient face that calls itself human. Every single one of us is to blame, and every single one of us can fix the problem. Why argue with the corporations when you’ll get more done caring for the environment on your own? Do you really need their permission?
Surely it’s a silly notion to think of toppling an empire built on oil, or stopping every poacher single handedly, but they wouldn’t exist without the customer.

So quite frankly it’s not the oil magnate, the Hunter, the plastic manufacturer, or any person most readily blamed for our continuous destruction of the wonderful lady earth.

It’s us. The ones doing all the god-damned shouting. Without our habits, our laziness, our pretty vanity or greed, they’d have nothing. And they certainly wouldn’t have to act like they care, teasing everyone along with dreams of glamour; and eventual restraint because “We of -such and such- are continuously striving to lessen our impact on the environment, and with your help we can make it a reality… “.

The power is ours you silly fucking apes, so shut up and clean your neighborhood, help fund clean energy, and maybe just maybe stop wasting money on frivolous crap that very obviously hurts the environment. Use your wits, you know what you don’t need, and what the planet shouldn’t have to go through. We’ve only got the one, and there is enough death murder and disease going around to wipe us out, we don’t need an eventual shutdown of the environment to finish the job for us.

Just a thought. I’m just as awful as the rest of you, but at least I’ll admit it.


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